Conversation with my Higher Self: If only we could tell them... + THE Dress

A selection of my day 2 free-writing exercices, from my new experiment, two writing challenges in a month. A new addition to the Conversation with my Higher Self series.

Hello there,

Day 2 of our 2 challenges. I am on fire. I wanted to talk. About how we create barrier. How I get in my own way. In as many ways I can think off. The one I've uncovered. Right now. Is about the bilingual sel-expression thing.

How to build my blog and website? Being both attracted and magnetising English and French. Bullshit. Many are doing it. This is not an obstacle. Not at all. Is it conventional. Nope. Do I like it even more? Yes. Am I surprised to not take the unconventional route? Nope. I like it!!!

I am liking me a lot. Today I found ma robe, the dress. I could talk about it for hours. Will I? Dare I?

This life is so incredibly perfect. I don't know where to start. So many things happen in one day. One single day. Incredible. So much is happening in one day. Where do I start? I don't know how to control this. The ball is rolling and I can't stop it. Where am I going? How fast? Will I reach the end? My dream? What about then? What do I do? Everything disappears again then? And I am left all alone. Crying my heart out. Praying for death. Again? I don't want that. I am done with that.

(Then my Higher Self show up and our discussion started)

Do you believe it could happen again?

It did. A lot.

Is anything different compare to the other time it did happen?


Do you notice anything?

We are talking. This is new. Not before. Didn't happen before.

Do you think this could be a relevant difference? Do you think this could make the difference between now and then? Do you see the possibility of a different outcome with this discussion going on?

I ... I want to say yes. I wish I could say yes. I've been so disappointed already. SO. SO. SO. SO much pain.So much hatred. Don't want it anymore. Don't want to put myself at risk of that.

I totally understand. i get it. I truly do.

Can I offer a suggestion?


Do you want to Live? Your Life?

Yes. That's my deepest desire you know that.

I do know. Do you see where am I going?

I do. You're right. I need to accept to take risk in order to live. That's part of the life deal. Living my Life. Having it all. Imply being willing to loose it all. Take a chance. I take it. I deserve to have it all.

I am not gonna loose it all. Cause whatever happen. I have you. And I have me. And we are unstoppable together.

Do you see what's happening here?

Yes, we are getting rid of the illusion, of fear.

So what's next?

Getting myself out there!!! I am excited to do that. I am gonna do it. I am doing it. More and more everyday. And it's getting better more and more everyday. As I do it.


Our unified voice:

I know. That's how it is. We live in a kind universe. Super kind. Kind people are supported. All that the Universe wants for us is to live our Life. When we do, when we follow our Heart ...

- What we call being Nice. Our new definition that is (New-Now, Inspired-Involved, Connected-Committed-Conscious-Creative, Empowered) -

We are very well supported and rewarded. We open the door to our Wildest Biggest Dreams. We become Magic and its Magician. All at once. We make our wishes come true. Consciously or not.

This is so cool. I wish we could share it with the world.

I guess we just did... ;-)

Talk to you soon
Lots of Love,

Anissa & Co


P.S : More pics of THE Dress ;-)