The Mysteries of Osiris / Les Mystères d'Osiris

Today was the very last day of the exhibition in Paris, the Mysteries of Osiris. I almost missed it and I didn't. I was meant to be there, today. I was very impressed and am still processing. I only take pictures when I am guided, so this give you an idea of how much inspired I was. I feel the need to share all those pics that I have taken over the last 3 years. I don't have any other pictures left, other than those, they are that important to me. I deleted everything else to make space.

For now, I am starting where I am at, with today pics. Might you enjoy and get a sense of the wonders that are now being returned to us after thousands of years, they were hidden at the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea. Below are just excerpt the entire gallery is here . 

Time is Now, for those with eyes to see ;-)

I'd love to know your impressions or any download you got, if you feel guided to share.